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The “Alex” House **

The “Alex” House is found in the beautiful villa zone “Belite Skali”(The White Rocks),in the area of the Botanical Gardens of The Balchik Castle.

Ref No: U-10575
Type: Hotel
Price: 322,451 GBP
Town: Balchik

The beach is only 800m away. You will enjoy the beautiful nature around, filled with fresh air and tranquility. The “Alex” House is convenient for business events. The area is suitable for hunting.


The “Alex” House has a parking lot for 8 cars and a garage; the restaurant is seated for 60 people ;there is a food shop and a hotel section;


The restaurant and the food shop are situated on the first floor. On the second and on the third floor are the rooms: double(2+1),triple(3+1) and family rooms.The capacity of the base is 24 beds with 6 additional.


The built-up area is 520 m2.


The yard is 490 m2 big.

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