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Luxury Apartment in Konstantin and Elena, Bulgaria

The condo complex is located in immediate proximity (0.7 km.) to the seashore. The apartment is on the second floor of the beautiful building and looks over to a communal pool filled with warm mineral water for the residents of the holiday building. It is surrounded by the beautiful trees from the natural park, in which the whole resort is nestled.

Ref No: U-10633
Type: Flat
Price: 122,008 GBP
Town: Varna view map
Features: • seaside  • fishing area  • near a golf course  • near a beach resort  • near town 

A luxury three-star apartment in one of the healthiest Bulgarian resorts, St. Constantine and Elena. Live in  independence, comfort, air-conditioning, mineral water pool, park, golf.

The apartment is 20 min from Varna Airport airport.
8 km from The city of Varna (to the south).
8 km from The Golden Sands Resort (to the north).
0.7 km from Sea shore and beach.
5 km from Picadilly Mall.

Communal pool, pets are not welcome, not suitable for wheelchairs

The Condo complex is located in immediate proximity (0.7 km.) to the seashore. It is on the second floor of a beautiful building and looks over to a communal pool filled with warm mineral water for the residents of the holiday building. It is surrounded by the beautiful trees from the natural park, in which the whole resort is nestled.

The Surroundings and the Resort
St. Constantine and Elena is the oldest resort along the Bulgarian seaside and only 8 km away from Varna.

The resort's construction began a century ago, in 1908, and the origin purpose of the resort was to host patients ill with tuberculosis. The resort is named after the nearby St. St. Konstantin and Elena Monastery, built at the beginning of the 18th century. Today the monastery also offers tourist accommodation and a high-quality restaurant.

The Evksinograd government residence is located south of St. Constantine and Elena. The residence is built in a New Baroque style with a beautiful garden, fountains, and a staircase going down to the beech though access to it is restricted to particular hours and days of the week.

The hotels' restaurants offer excellent food. In addition, famous restaurants in the resort are Manastirska Izba, housed in the building of the monastery, Bulgarska Svatba, Sedemte Odai and the Sirius Fishing Ship restaurant, situated on a hill above the sea, which offers a variety of fish specialties and seafood. Yet as long as the resort's restaurants are far from cheap, some tourists prefer to eat in and Varna.

Regular town buses run every ten minutes (from 6.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m.) from the resort to Varna. Many mini-buses and route-taxis are another alternative for quick transport to Varna.
Additional Places and Entertainment

The Archaeological museum is housed in a building that used to be a school during the Renaissance.
The Museum of the Bulgarian Revival is housed in a building from 1861 which was proclaimed a culture monument.
The Naval Museum is in the Sea garden and possesses all the objects of importance for the Bulgarian Navy.
The Park-Museum Vladislav Varnenchik is to the north-west of the city.
The Etnographic museum is housed in a Renaissance house from 19-th century.
The Natural science museum displays species typical of the Bulgarian flora and fauna.
The Aquarium and the Black Sea museum is the first and the only marine biological station in the country.
The Gallery of art possesses paintings by the most outstanding Bulgarian artists as well as pieces of work by numerous foreign artists, donated to the gallery by citizens. A branch of museum is the Museum house of Georgi Velchev .
An exhibition of icon – paintings from the Renaissance is held in the church St.Atanasii built in the 13-th century near the Roman spa. The church itself is very original with its mural paintings and icons and with its carved altar and bishop’s stall.
The Museum of medicine is the only one on the Balkan peninsula. Medical plants and herbs are here on display, as well as clothing used in the medical profession from ancient times up till now.
The Museum of Varna's history has an exceptionally rich collection. The Gold Treasure of Varna, dating back six thousand years ago it is the oldest gold in the world.

Varna’s festivals are large in number, the most popular of them being: the international choir gathering – at the end of the May; International theatre holidays – a part of the festival Varna’s summer – in June; a part of the aforementioned festivals also the international gathering of orchestras and ensembles for classical music – in July; a part of the same festival the jam session in July and August. Other important cultural events are: the folk festival with international participants in August; the international ballet competition in August; the international festival of cinema called “Love is Folly” – in September; the festival of Bulgarian cinematography “Golden Rose”; “The Gold Dolphin” – an international festival of puppet theatres held each year in October.

There are about ten working cinemas in Varna. Some of the best are in the city centre. The best is Mustang Cinema . It is very comfortable and offers almost 24 hours of block busters.
The Drama Theatre is open during the whole holiday season with its three stages.
The Puppet Theatre is also open throughout the whole season.

The Roman Spa is situated in the proper centre of the city.
The Cathedral of Holy Mother is considered to be an emblem of the seaside capital of Bulgaria.
The Sea garden dates from the end of 19-th, being finally completed in 1908.
The open air theatre is a place, where various activities take place. These include the Varna Days of music, the world famous International ballet competition and Varna summer – a trienalle of arts.
The Pantheon is in Primorski park.
The Asparuh bridge connects the city centre with the residential district Asparuhovo and Galata. It is the longest bridge in Bulgaria.
The Clock tower was built in 1880 and it rises across from the cathedral. Beneath the cathedral is one of the branches of the Drama theatre and the Club of the cultural figures.
The Festival complex is opposite the entrance of the sea garden.
The Dolphin show house is one of the favourite attractions for children and the guests of Varna. Performances and demonstrations with regularly take place here.
Not far away from city centre is the Puppet theatre, where the “Golden Dolphin” festival of puppets take place each year. In the middle of the Sea garden is located the ZOOwith lot of species. Not far away from there is the Exotic Zoo where visitors can find many of exotic animals living on our Planet.

The famous village of Vinitsa is situated 10km north-east of Varna. It is a favourite place where the citizens of Varna often go on picnic or for walks, it is also a holiday spot with lot of small private hotels there.
The Cape of Galata is a very attractive for lots of tourists who are keen on having a seclusion with nature. There is the residental district Galata where are lot of small hotels and holiday houses.
The resort complex of Chernomorec includes several chalets and lot of bungalows.
Around the Asparuh bridge near the residential district the relics of the rampart of Asparuh can be seen. Not far away is the knoll of Djanavar. A basilica from the early Christian period is built here.
The Stone Forest is 20 km west of the city.
The town of Devnia is connected with the Varna canal by the Varna lake. There are remains of the ancient town of Marcianoppolis, the second biggest town in ancient Bulgaria after Philipopolis (in present days – Plovdiv).
The fortress of Petrich rises opposite the railway station of Razdelna, close to the railway from Varna to Sofia. The fortress was built in 5-th century, later on it was pulled down and rebuilt in 13-th to 14-th centuries. It was an important defense fortress in 1444 during the battle of Vladislav Varnenchik. The rocks near the fortress are perfect for mountaineering.

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